A boost
on demand

Size isn’t everything.

Pure Energy Sniff is the powerful little product that packs a punch, delivering an unadulterated boost of energy when you need it Whether you’re studying, working out or heading out, you can count on Pure Energy Sniff to provide a fast-acting and effective shot of energy within minutes. Containing only natural ingredients derived from herbal sources, Pure Energy Sniff boosts focus and stamina to keep you doing the things you love.

Natural Goodness



No side-effects


20 servings per bottle

About Us

Puralife is a British-based family business that’s been around since 2005. We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading experts to create products that are innovative, supported by science and inspired by nature.

All our products are 100% traceable from raw material to finished product and have been sourced exclusively from officially certified suppliers. We only work with responsible partners who care about the environment and are committed to the principles of biodiversity and sustainable production methods.

With a strong focus on research and development, we are committed to creating products designed to make the world a better place.